Moe Asnani

Mohit “Moe” Asnani began learning about the medical marijuana industry by participating in the rule-making process led by the Arizona Department of Health Services in early 2011. Because of his extensive experience with inpatient JCAHO/HIPAA compliance and managed care applications, he launched the consulting firm Arizona Dispensary Solutions in 2011 for the purposes of licensing, regulatory compliance & management. In 2012, he submitted over 30 dispensary applications out of 484 total submissions received by the Arizona Department of Health Services. His operations manuals and educational materials were used at several state inspections and he received approval to operate 5 dispensaries in the summer of 2013. During this time, he realized that there were many gaps in the regulatory workflow that needed to be addressed and he voluntarily developed user interface guidelines for the Arizona Department of Health Services Medical Marijuana Verification System that were adopted the same year.

He also helped test new functionality developed by the Arizona Department of Health Services prior to public release. In Spring 2013, he consulted for the Nevada State Legislature in the drafting of SB 374 which allowed 60 dispensaries regulated by Nevada Division of Public & Behavioral Health and became law in October 2013. He has continued participating in the Arizona Department of Health Services rulemaking process to offset dispensary liability and enhance patient access. Moe Asnani has held directorships at 3 Arizona dispensaries including The Downtown Dispensary. He is also part of a team that has 2 production and 2 cultivation Medical Marijuana Establishment licenses in Nevada.

Chip Boyden

Charles “Chip” Boyden was born and raised in Pennsylvania and moved to Washington after high school when he joined the army, and was stationed at Fort Lewis. After serving in the first gulf war and receiving an honorable discharge, he stayed in Tacoma working in the fishing industry until 2000. He has lived in Seattle, Los Angles, Arizona, and back to Seattle. During this time, Chip was working in sales and completed a degree in Radiation Technology. He has experience in healthcare and trading in the equity derivatives market. Chip and his wife, Stephanie, hold directorships at The Downtown Dispensary in Tucson, Arizona that has been operating as a top-tier state licensed facility since August 2013. He is also the owner of Hashtag, a I-502 licensed marijuana retail store in the heart of Seattle, Washington. Chip has been featured in the news for his involvement in multiple states including CNN.