The marijuana industry presents opportunities for investors who seek to enter a market where valuations are still a small multiple of earnings and license holders still do not have much leverage. In Colorado, the first wave of corrections has already wiped out several of the small players in the industry including borrowers and lenders (or investors). The next wave in high-saturation states will be worse for investors as the economics of the industry get more media attention.

Learning in an environment of uncertainty requires a willingness to admit mistakes and move quickly rather than digging in and doing nothing for fear of admitting failure. We have operated in markets with heavy regulations and know the pros and cons of operating in an oligopoly. As an experienced marijuana consulting firm, we understand the legal complexities of partnerships in the cannabis industry and can identify problems early on.

We have also created some of the most advanced training materials in the industry as we know that we can only be successful by achieving efficiency not just in automation, but in cutting the learning curve for our dispensary and production teams. In addition, we have launched products focusing on niche needs to present unique products to the medical marijuana market.

Our Mission For Marijuana Consulting

The mission of Final Rules is to provide tailored consulting for accredited investors and legislators in states that are considering marijuana laws. Our on-boarding process outlines a successful policy blueprint cohesive with the current Federal administrations laissez faire approach towards state-legal marijuana producers, distributors, and end users. Final Rules utilizes comprehensive resources and industry expertise, to advise stakeholders on the realities of the marijuana business.