Latest News on Alaska Marijuana License

The Marijuana Control Board will be hosting application training for marijuana establishments on 02/17/2016 – 02/18/2016. The program’s regulations will take effect on 02/21/216 and the board will begin accepting applications on 02/24/2016.


Ballot Measure #8 legalized medical marijuana in Alaska in 1998. This allowed for the use of medical marijuana for qualified patients in the state. A state regulated dispensary system was not established, which means patients/caregivers had to produce their own marijuana.

In November of 2014, Ballot Measure 2 (AS 17.38) passed, which legalized marijuana use for individuals 21 years and older. The Measure also allows for state regulated establishments to produce and distribute marijuana.

The Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office, a branch under the Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development, regulates the state’s marijuana program. The Marijuana Control Board finalized the program’s regulations in December of 2015 which will take effect on February 21, 2016.

Important Dates

02/11/2016 – Application format approved by the Marijuana Control Board

02/17/2016 – 02/18/2016: Marijuana establishment application training by the Marijuana Control Board

02/21/2016 – Effective date for regulations

02/24/2016 – Board begins accepting online applications

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$5,000 application fee for Retail marijuana store license, Marijuana Cultivation Facility License, Standard Marijuana product manufacturing facility license.

$1,000 application fee for Marijuana concentrate manufacturing facility license.

Below are the final rules for the Alaska Marijuana Program. We shall add more details regarding the program shortly.

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