Aloha Success: Final Rules Client Granted Hawai’i Dispensary License

National Marijuana Consulting Agency Final Rules extends success rate to nine states, with client obtaining one of the eight coveted Hawai’i dispensary licenses.

HONOLULU, May 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Final Rules, a national marijuana consulting agency, succeeds in obtaining one of eight coveted dispensary licenses for Hawai’i client. The established firm has a proven track record in cannabis operations and licensing experience with success in nine states.

Final Rules’ operational and application approach in ten state processes helped them guide clients through the application process giving them a competitive edge. “Each state builds on the next giving us the necessary tools to assist clients effectively as the industry evolves,” said agency co-founder and licensing expert Sara Gullickson.

Final Rules has created a benchmark for success that effectively targets all elements of the application process. Utilizing market experience and comprehensive industry knowledge on cultivation practices, community involvement, patient care, and local markets, Final Rules systematically tailors client applications for each state’s dispensary rules.

“We are thrilled we were able to make our client’s dream a reality, by putting it to paper in an articulate, compliant manner. In Hawai’i, pure intentions are rewarded,” said Gullickson.

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Final Rules provides an on-boarding process for legislators in states that are considering marijuana laws but need a policy blueprint that has worked elsewhere. Final Rules also assists accredited investors understand the realities of the marijuana business based on its extensive experience in the industr