Final Countdown for Hawaiian Dispensaries No Problem for Final Rules Agency

National marijuana agency offering in-market consulting for Hawaiian Dispensary stakeholders before January 2016 application deadline

HONOLULU, Dec. 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Hawaiian marijuana stakeholders are scrambling to meet the complex requirements for eight merit-based dispensary licenses. With limited local resources and a condensed timeframe, a tactical approach is vital to obtaining license where competition is high.

Final Rules, a national marijuana consulting agency, will offer comprehensive, in-person strategy sessions for aspiring dispensary owners in Honolulu from January 2-5, 2016.

An established firm with a proven track record in cannabis operations and licensing experience in 11 state processes, Final Rules has assisted numerous nascent marijuana entrepreneurs in avoiding common pitfalls.

Delivering a compelling set of strategic guidelines, Final Rules’ onsite meetings will cover a range of topics involving marijuana business development including:

Real Estate Selection
Team Building
Dispensary Agent Training
Financial Planning
Community Support
Cultivation Facility Maximization

These services are integral to navigating the ever-changing legislative climate in a billion dollar industry. Through tailored business plans and face-to-face sessions, Final Rules will provide relief for Hawaiian stakeholders throughout the anxiety-ridden process.

For more information on Final Rules and how to set up an appointment please visit, email or call 480-442-0190.

Final Rules is led by cannabis industry influencers, Moe Asnani, Charles Boydenand Sara Gullickson. Their combined expertise and wealth of experience has benefited clients across the country. As founders of Final Rules, they have created a benchmark for success that effectively targets all elements of the application process.

Strategy sessions cover supplemental application materials, from security system planning and interior layout to maximizing cultivation methodologies, advertising and inventory control systems. Clients will also have access to Strive Concepts, a medical marijuana-learning center and dispensary showroom located in Arizona.

Final Rules founder Moe Asnani is well versed in licensing, regulatory compliance and management. Since 2011, he has been actively involved in the rule-making process in Arizona, working with the Department of Health Services to offset dispensary liability and enhance patient access. A recognized leader in the industry, he advised the Nevada State Legislature in the drafting of SB-374, legalizing the establishment of 60 dispensaries.

In combination with his extensive rule-making background, Asnani is also a licensee holder of Tucson’s Downtown Dispensary. Named “Best Marijuana Dispensary” in 2015, the successful enterprise includes the hands-on learning center that will be utilized for Final Rules client consulting services.

Boyden holds directorships at the Downtown Dispensary and is also the principal advisor to #Hashtag, a I-502 licensed marijuana retail store doing over 20,000 transactions per month in the heart of Seattle. Boyden is also a founding member of CORE, Washington State’s retail cannabis sales association. With a passion for investing and experience in healthcare and trading, Boyden brings a unique entrepreneurial background to Final Rules.

Alongside Asnani and Boyden, Gullickson has over five years of marijuana-related industry experience and over a decade of marketing and strategic planning in the Healthcare and medical space. Her in-depth understanding of local and national markets, as well as her comprehensive knowledge of the marijuana industry, its cultivation practices and community involvement, is unparalleled.

The demanding dispensary criteria, coupled with the added pressure of a looming New Year deadline, requires the expertise and conscientious approach that Asnani, Boyden and Gullickson have developed with Final Rules.

For more information on Final Rules and how to set up an appointment please visit, email or call 480-442-0190.

Final Rules provides an on-boarding process for legislators in states that are considering marijuana laws but need a policy blueprint that has worked elsewhere. Final Rules also helps accredited investors understand the realities of the marijuana business based on its extensive experience in the industry.

Final Rules was founded by Mohit Asnani, Charles Boyden and Sara Gullickson in 2015. It has operations at #Hashtag Dispensary in Seattle, Washington; Downtown Dispensary in Tucson, Arizona; and Strive Concepts, a medical marijuana-learning center and dispensary showroom located in Arizona. Information:, email or call 480-442-0190.

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