The current regulatory environment in cannabis is unsustainable at the federal level. Criminality, the 280E tax code and banking for state-licensed cannabis businesses must be dealt with in 2020.

The cannabis industry must decide how to fix these 3 issues while transcending all the politically divisive elements that are slowing down the progression, growth, and valuations of our businesses.

The cannabis industry's national trade organizations are weak and the ones who have been around the longest are the least competent. They are not politically savvy or nimble enough to deal with the realities of Washington D.C.

We are not going to win any social justice battles with a Republican Senate and a Republican President, so we need to move past that and focus on the business side of things. However, some criminal justice reform may be possible.

We need a sophisticated plan and we should be a little more paranoid of what Big Pharma could do at the federal level to take over our industry at fire-sale prices if we continue the circular firing squad between businesses and activists.

This site will explore this issue until it is resolved and there is a bipartisan consensus with accompanying legislation for Cannabis Regulation to thrive in the United States.

Moe Asnani